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The world of marketing is constantly evolving, just like our stories. Muse Communications is not just about business as usual; we're about the power of narratives, your unique stories, and how they shape your business's future.

If you are here, you know it better than anyone – running a small business is tough. It's a pursuit of passion, a constant learning curve, and, most importantly, an ongoing story that deserves to be told, celebrated, and heard. 

What can you expect from my musings? 


There are a few nuggets of wisdom learned the hard way, some random thoughts about wine, and some insights and tips that cut through the cloak-and-dagger confusion of marketing so you can get your story heard. 


Got something you want to know more about? Drop me a line:

Alana ✍️

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It's Story Time!


Have you been baffled by the latest jargon or scratching your head over the newest "sure-fire" marketing strategy?


You're not alone. 

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