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Telling your brand's story with precision and passion is what we're all about. 

But don't take our word for it. 

We Help You Find Your Voice.

Alexis Dennehy


Alana brings the optimism of someone who genuinely loves her work and she has the ability to transcend the most hair-wrenching task, with focused efficiency and patient perseverance until she gets the desired result.

Before I’d even realised what she was doing, she understood my business and my challenges so thoroughly as to make recommendations which sounded so enticing I was compelled to do them.

My most challenging issues are being resolved one by one without the faintest waft of pressure or stress.

Unlike past marketing experts who can’t wait to hear their own voices, Alana’s exceptional listening mean she understands my values, goals and business objectives and facilitates my finding my own voice.

I can not recommend Alana highly enough. This unicorn is the investment of the year, so screw the saddle, just jump right on, because if you don’t grab her, someone else will.

Singing with Headphones
Wall of ideas

We Make Marketing Fun!

Melissa Langton

Alana and the Muse Communications team have given me so much more than just a CRM; they have given me confidence, freedom and piece of mind. They have given our business the foundation for growth and have gone above and beyond my expectations.


I was completely lost in how to develop the right automated communication processes within the business (severe analysis paralysis) but with their help, I'm really excited about embedding my processes....I never would have thought processes could be this fun!!

We Get You.

Margie Dangerfield

I was so fortunate to cross paths with Alana at a business meet up and it was at a time I was just starting to grow my small home based business.


I have no experience in marketing and lack confidence with technology so was looking for someone to provide guidance and advise to help me understand what exactly I need to do or focus on to promote my business.


Alana is friendly relaxed and super fun to work with. With this approach she able to explain things to me in a way that made me feel at ease. Her very clever suggestions provided me with brilliant ideas to support my business, and the step by step approach didn’t overwhelm me as I had felt when speaking with others for similar advise.


Alana has so many incredible skills experience and hidden talents, not to mention her ability to help me pull together a live and virtual event in no time at all and with total ease. I would never have been able to do this and the event was a huge success.


I’m so grateful to have Alana’s ongoing support as my business expands. I would highly recommend Alana for any small business owner who is looking to expand.

Female Lecturer
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