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Sign Here for Success: Corflute Signs That Get Your Message Seen

In the competitive business landscape, standing out is essential. One effective way to capture attention is through corflute sign printing, a versatile and economical solution that can turn any space into a powerful advertising focal point. Whether you need urgent signage on a construction site, portable marketing for an event, or cost-effective promotional signs, corflute sign printing is a great choice.

What Is Corflute?

Corflute is a type of corrugated plastic known for its durability and lightweight nature. This fluted polypropylene material is rigid, weather-resistant, and available in various thicknesses (commonly 3mm and 5mm) and colours, with white being the most popular for sign printing. It supports high-resolution printing, making it perfect for vibrant, eye-catching designs.

Benefits of Corflute Signage

For business owners considering signage options, here are six compelling reasons to choose corflute:

Cost-Effective - Corflute signs are much cheaper compared to alternatives like aluminium panels, perspex, or Colourbond signage. You can produce multiple corflute signs for less than the cost of one aluminium sign, allowing for widespread advertising at a lower cost.

Quick Turnaround - Corflute signs can be printed and ready in as little as 24 hours, perfect for sudden promotions or urgent safety notifications.

Weatherproof - Even after exposure to heavy rain, corflute signs retain their shape and clarity, ensuring your message remains visible.

Durable - Corflute signs typically last 2-3 years longer than similar products, making them ideal for outdoor use. They are also highly resistant to damage, including vandalism.

Lightweight and Portable - Easy to transport and reposition, corflute signs weigh between 250gsm and 2000gsm (grams per square metre), making them convenient for various settings.

Easy to Install and Maintain - No special tools are needed for installation, and maintenance is simple. A quick wash with water or detergent keeps your sign looking fresh and clean.

The Lasting Impact of Traditional Marketing

In an era dominated by digital marketing, traditional marketing methods like signage still hold significant value. Online marketing is saturated, and breaking through the noise to reach potential customers can be challenging. Traditional signage, such as corflute signs, offers a tangible and direct way to engage with your audience in physical spaces. It complements digital efforts by reinforcing your brand presence and capturing attention in high-traffic areas.

Versatile Uses for Corflute Signage

Corflute’s adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of applications:

  • Real Estate Signage: Ideal for showcasing properties for sale or rent.

  • Construction Site Safety Signage: Ensure safety messages are clear and visible.

  • Election and Polling Station Signs: Durable signs for political campaigns.

  • Event Signage: Perfect for fairs, sporting events, and school celebrations.

  • Directional Signage: Guide attendees at events or on large properties.

  • Business Marketing: Promote your business or services, including work under construction or recently completed.

  • A-frame Signs: Portable and effective for various events.

  • Selfie Cut-outs: Fun and engaging, great for events and celebrations.

  • Memory Boards: Celebrate birthdays or milestones with custom designs.

Written by Wendy de Beer

Owner and Lead Print Manager

Wendy’s clients know her for her open communication and straightforward approach to print management. From setting realistic expectations to ensuring everything in the production process happens as it should, Wendy is across it all. Wendy has earned her position as a highly trusted partner for business clients across a broad range of industries.


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